Poor entrepreneur

Poor entrepreneur, in days of « play and fight », let me give you some insights, let me ask you some precious questions. How many rivers do you have to cross and how many reasons do you have to give? Poor entrepreneur, you start your days fighting and you finish them fighting against all but particularly against yourself. You are in an everyday battle that you must win, so keep calm and learn how to fight. Remember the rules of Fight Club. You’ll be disappointed, you’ll be harassed, you’ll be frustrated ; and at the same time, you’ll be asked for solutions, leadership and good mood. You’ll be asked to think faster, even out the box. Take your time, don’t be in a hurry but keep moving forward. Time is the first key, learn how to manage it, how to don’t lose it and how to take advantage of it. People are the second key, don’t try to please them all, try rather to ignore them. Poor entrepreneur, your banker won’t help you, your schoolmates won’t save you from bankruptcy, your family won’t help you eternally. You’ll find yourself almost all the time alone. But guess what, loneliness is the third key. When you unlock it, you find the way to work and perform more peacefully because you’ll live in harmony with yourself. You have to play your role as perfectly as Al Pacino did in « scent of women« , didn’t see the movie? You should ! It’s another key to succeed in such a rude arena. Poor entrepreneur, a last key for the road: be yourself, no matter what they say! Do you know the song? You should if you wannabe a successful entrepreneur 😉



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