Instagramer Manifesto – English Version

Considering Instagram’s quick development and the recent massive arrival of Android users on this mobile photo sharing application, a manifesto is a necessity.

1. Never without my Instagram.

2. What happens in Instagram stays in Instagram.

3. Abuse of filters (effects) is not appreciated by the community.

4. Too many hashtags kill hashtags.

5. We love pictures taken and shared instantly (Real time).

6. Pictures taken by a device other than a mobile (Compact /Reflex) are not welcome.

7. An Instagram user always stands by fellow Instagram users.

8. Comments and criticism must be made in a respectful and constructive way.

9. An instagram user has the courage to take pictures in the street or in public places and asks permission to do so in private locations.

10. Segregation between Iphone and Android users is not allowed by the community.

Translated from french by Selma Abaouss (@selmasaba)


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